Ushuaïa (2022)
Long Fiction - 90'' - En développement

Nathalie Rozanes​

Two people travel together for 28 days, planning to conceive a child together during this road-trip. A journey through the majestic landscapes of Patagonia. Far from their homes, the blurred borders between friendship, love and sex are examined; ways of parenting and their relationship to nature and time are questioned.

The fantasy of the “perfect couple” on their honeymoon is quickly dismantled, shifting into a trip where two friends follow the female cycle and fertility. A trip scattered between absurd and funny moments: The manual of an artificial insemination kit. Porn in parallel to a meditation sequence. An asthma crisis triggered by a cereal bar; And poetic wanderings of the two main characters.

Through this queer project they will find each other and themselves for real. Their relationship will need to be defined and redefined.


Writer / Director : Nathalie Rozanes

Belgian Producer : Aurélien Bodinaux 
Neon Rouge

Co-writer : Louise Dubois

Script doctor : Ariana Reines

Photos from the film: