Around Luisa

Around Luisa (2017)
Long Fiction - 90' - En distribution

Written and directed by Olga Baillif

Luisa is a singer. While touring with her band, she finds out that her father, whom she had last seen in her youth, is very ill.

This leads her back to her past and to the beginnings of her music. She is now forced to question the choices she has made so far, as well as those that she must face in her future. These changes not only jeopardize her relationship, but also the music the group plays together and the whole group in general.


Directed by Olga Baillif

Produced by Alina Film (SW) & Neon Rouge

Cinematographer Gabriel Sandru
Editing Gion-Reto Killias
Audio engineer Quentin Jacques
Sound editor Benoît DeClerck
Re-recording mixer Benoît Biral

Avec le soutien de la Fondation Romande pour le cinéma, le Département de la Culture de la Ville de Genève, EAVE, MEDIA

Photos from the film:

41a Mostra Internacional del Cinema de Sao Paulo - in competition (Brazil - 10/2017)