Assassins (2008)
Court Fiction - 10' - En distribution

Directed by Daniel Cattier

In the forest, late in the day, two kids play a game of "war". At a crossroads, they meet a soldier and violently enter the adult world...



Directed by Daniel Cattier
Written by Daniel Cattier
Produced by Aurelien Bodinaux
Executive Producer Jean-Christophe Zelis
Production Manager Severin Andrieu-Delille
Production Assistant (Belgium) Bastien Andrieu-Delille
Production Neon Rouge
Assistant Director Michele Jacob
2nd Assistant director Florence Sauz
Assisted by Maritsa Karypidis
Director of Photography Georges Leurquin
1st Assistant Camera Colin Levêque
Script Nicolas Rumpl
Sound Engineer Vincent Nouaille
Make-up artist Jill Wertz
Set dresser Sophie Monroy
Costumer Sophie Monroy
Production designer Sophie Monroy
Location Manager Arnaud Aubey
Children Coach Anne-Catherine Le Boutte
Cathering Philipe Witjes


In collaboration with
Ministère de la Fédération Wallonie-Bruxelles

Technical Details: 

Genre Short film - fiction - colors
Shot on 16mm

Photos from the film: