The Forgotten People of the Amazon

The Forgotten People of the Amazon (2017)
≤ 52' Documentaire - 52' - En distribution

Written and directed by Marie-Martine Buckens

In the name of fighting climate change, thousands of residents living in the heart of the Brazilian Amazon are offered to abandon their ancestral agriculture for a small nest egg of 13€ per month and per family. What is hiding behind this new practice?

While giving these populations and also Amazonian scientists and intellectuals a chance to speak, The Forgotten People of the Amazon shows how multinationals use, with the help of NGO’s, certain tools from the Climate Convention to make profits and to keep on polluting without impunity.

The documentary does not provide ready-made answers but leads us to reflect on the impact that certain measures taken on behalf of the climate has on people, all peoples, and not just those of the remote Amazon.


Directed by Marie-Martine Buckens

Cinematography Agathe Corniquet
Cinematography (Germany) Nicolas Lebecque
Sound Billy Miquel

Editing Antoine Donnet
Sound editing
& audio mixing Damien Rouchaud
Color grading Nicolas Lebecque

Logistical Coordination (Brazil) Laurence Hauzeur

Producer Aurélien Bodinaux
Production Neon Rouge / RTBF

Coproduction Tact Production

In collaboration with
Fédération Wallonie-Bruxelles

Technical Details: 

Genre Documentary – colors
Language Portuguese, English
Shot on HD
Format 16/9

Photos from the film:

- Festival AlimenTERRE (Bruxelles et Liège, Belgique - 13 & 16/10/2017) - Sélection Officielle

- Festival du film de Masuku - Nature & environnement (Masuku, Gabon - 7-11/12/2017)

- Handle Climate Change Film Festival (Shenzhen, China - 09/2018) - HCCFF2018 Bronze Award in Long Film Unit

New Earth International Film Festival (Kraków, Poland - 10/2018)  - Best Documentary Feature 

- Le Mois du Doc (Mouscron, Belgium - 11/2019)