If Fog Had Roots

If Fog Had Roots (2009)
≤ 52' Documentaire - 53' - En distribution

Written and directed by Dounia Bovet

A distant shore. A boat arrives. Someone singing in the distance. In a few shots the film exposes its thesis: A trip from one mediterranean shore to the other side. The trip from Axelle, arrived in 1962 as a young teacher after the independency of Algeria. From one shore to the other, and from one time to another. A tribute to the friendship of Ali, recently deceased. Loyalty to ideals and Independence. Loyalty to the people that dreamed it and that earned it.

First documentary of Dounia Bouvet-Wolteche, Les Racies du Brouillard offers rich super 8 textures in black and white. It takes the spectator from Alger to Tizi-Ouzou, to Ali's house. A story told in three voices (Axelle, Ali and Dounia, the filmmaker) remembering politically charged conversations, imprisonment and even death penalty. But leaving melancholy aside, the film looks for the source of the mist. That is, looking for the impossible to avoid being engulfed in resignation.


Directed by Dounia Bovet
Assistant Director Adrien De Visscher
Produced by Aurelien Bodinaux
Production Neon Rouge
Editing Mathias Bouffier
Sound Design Alexandre Davidson
Sound Engineer Miguel Puerta
Sound Engineer Jonathan Ramirez Perez

Distributed by
Neon Rouge Production

Technical Details: 

Genre Documentary – black and white – 4/3
Language French
Subtitles English
Sound stéréo
Shot on Super 8mm
Available on BetaSP, BetaDigit

Photos from the film:

Festival Cine Migrante - in competition (Buenos Aires 2011)
Cinéma Nouveau Latina - in competition (Paris 2010)

Festival 10 films rêvés - in competiton (Paris 2010)
Dox Box - in competiton (Damascus 2010)
BAFICI - in competiton (Buenos Aires - Argentine 2010)
Festival Doc.be - in competiton (Pekin 2010)
MARFICI - in competiton (Mar Del Plata - Buenos Aires 2010)
Documenta Madrid - Segundo precio de creaciòn (Madrid 2010)
Festival Inter du Documentaire de Marseille - Mention spéciale (Marseille 2009)
Les Etats Généraux du Film Documentaire - in competiton (Lussas - France 2009)
Sans Canal Fixe - in competiton (Tours 2009)
Festival Resonance Cinéma Magic - in competiton (Bobigny 2009)
FIFF - in competiton (Namur 2009)
Béjaia doc - in competiton (Algérie 2009)
Torino Film Festival - in competiton (Italy 2009)
Festival International du film Indépendant - in competiton (Brussels 2009)
Traces de Vie - in competiton (Clermont-Ferrand 2009)
Petit Ciné - in competiton (Bruxelles 2009)
Songes d'une nuit dv - in competiton (Paris 2009)