Kubita (2011)
≤ 52' Documentaire - 42' - En distribution

Directed by Maria Tarantino

In Kubita, action-theatre turns to musical comedy when a group of Burundese prisoners perform scenes based on their experiences as victims of torture.
Under the eyes of guards who have also been their torturers, the prisoners expose different facets of violence by turning them into absurd and paradoxical situations.
Filmed in 5 days and without a budget Kubita is a raw filmic experience in which the creative process at the heart of theatre becomes a cathartic ritual of personal liberation.


Directed by Maria Tarantino
Producer Aurelien Bodinaux
Coproducer Victoria Deluxe
Produced by Neon Rouge & Wild&Undomesticated
Assistanat de production Laure Hendrickx

Editing Yannick Leroy
Sound Design Alexandre Davidson
Musiques originales Jean-Claude Minani

Translation Daniela Irakoze, Sybille Iweins

Assistants théâtre et réconciliation Jean-Claude Minani, Gérard Nicayenzi, Jean Berchmans Ndemera

Costumes Christine Mobers

Coordination de postproduction Antoine Donnet

Graphisme Amélie Landry

Consultance Marie-Eve Cosemans

Technical Details: 

Shot on HDCAM

Photos from the film:

DOCVILLE - in competition (Leuven 2011)
International Documentary and Anthropology F.F. - in competition (Pärnu 2011)

Elles tournent / Dames draaien - (Brussels 2011)