Love is Passing by

Love is Passing by (2003)
Court Fiction - 8' - En distribution

Written and directed by Aurélien Bodinaux

Love is Passing by is the prelude to a love story that takes place in the world of jazz. It's a sensual journey through darkness and light, following the trumpeter prodigy Nicholas Payton through his beautiful original compositions.


Directed by Aurélien Bodinaux
Cast Shanda Quintal
Cast Lionel Bourguet
Artistic direction Genevieve Leygh
Director of Photography Steve Hunter
Sound Engineer Nicholas Payton
Script Aurelien Bodinaux
Editing Kyle Curry
Original Soundtrack Nicholas Payton
Produced by Neon Rouge / Escapade
Producer Aurélien Bodinaux

Distributed by Neon Rouge Production

Technical Details: 

Genre Short film – Black and White
Language no dialogue
Sound stereo
Shot on 16 mm
Available on BetaCam - DVD

Photos from the film: