The New Man

The New Man (2023)
Long Documentaire - 64'' - En distribution

Carlos Yuri Ceuninck

QUIRINO, 76, has lived for more than 30 years in an abandoned village, at the bottom of a deep valley, between the sea and the mountains. Feeling the effects of old age, Quirino faces the dilemma of having to leave the only place he has ever known or end his days there.


Writer Director : Carlos Yuri Ceuninck
Producer Belgium : Aurélien Bodinaux – NRW sprl
Producer Germany : Paulo Roberto de Carvalho & Gudula Meinzolt - Autentika Films
Producer Cape Verde : Natasha Craveiro Ceuninck - Kori Kaxoru Films
Producer Sudan : Alyaa Musa - Black Balance Artistic Production

DP: Arilson Almeida
Sound: David Medina
Image Edit: Antoine Donnet
Colour Grading: Peter Bernaers
Sound Edit: Virginie Messiaen
Music: Henrique Silva

Photos from the film: