No Lies

No Lies (2004)
Long Fiction - 60' - En distribution

Written by Aurélien Bodinaux

Theater Play

Among everything I am and will be telling, I know, there isn’t one element which is not pure truth. I mean, truth as I remember, to be honest.

No Lies is Aurélien’s true story. Beyond personal adventure, the intimate tale of a young European settling in the United States, appears a whole universe: the dream of a certain America.

While walking into it, showing off his libido and narcissism, he dismantles the machinery of a society based on the exacerbation of individual success.

During his crazy trip, sometimes risky but firmly sensitive, Aurélien takes an uncompromising look upon himself and upon a society he’d lived in until disgust.

No Lies is a modern tale built upon the failure coming from difference and inability to communicate.


Directed by Sebastien Chollet
Written by Aurélien Bodinaux
Set designer Colin Legras
Cast Fabrice Rodriguez

In collaboration with
Théâtre les Tanneurs

Technical Details: 

Genre Theater Play

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