Our Lost Youth

Our Lost Youth (2019)
Long Documentaire - 75'20"' - En distribution

 Eric D'Agostino​

This film is an immersion in the heart of a prison of young offenders. It immerses us in a closed prison and leads us to meet a dozen teenagers incarcerated for long sentences, and the staff who supervises them.

It shows a year of life in this confined world and follows the implementation of a new educational project of intensive accompaniment.

The film uniquely and exceptionally addresses the problem of juvenile incarceration and the possibility of social reintegration. 


Director Eric D'Agostino​

Producer Neon Rouge

Co-producer Tact Production

Director of Photography Laurent Camut​

Editor Antoine Donnet

Technical Details: 

Shooting Format: 2K

Aspect Ratio: Full HD

ISAN 0000-0004-C599-0000-I-0000-0000-K

Photos from the film:

Festival des Libertés (Brussels, Belgium - 10/2019)
Compétition Internationale de Documentaires

DOCVILLE (Leuven, Belgium - 03/2020)