Semillas de Cenizas

Semillas de Cenizas (2010)
≤ 52' Documentaire - 52' - En distribution

Written and directed by Cesar Diaz

On January 31 1980, in Guatemala, while the civil war between the military dictatorship and the Marxist guerrillas drags on, 32 representatives of Indian peasant associations arrive from each corner of the country and occupy pacifically the Spain embassy to claim their rights. None of them come out of it alive. All are burned live by the military junta in power. Only the ambassador survives.
In memory of that massacre, today, Semillas de Cenizas takes a critical look at the present.



Directed by Cesar Diaz
Produced by Aurelien Bodinaux
Production Neon Rouge
Director of Photography Diego Romero Suarez
Sound Engineer Giacomo Buonafina
Sound Engineer Angie Hernandez
Sound Engineer Ameno Cordoba
Editing Cédric Zoenen
Sound Mix Alexandre Davidson

In collaboration with
Ministère de la Fédération Wallonie-Bruxelles

Technical Details: 

Genre Documentary – Colors
Language Spanish
Subtitles French, Spanish, English
Format 16/9
Sound Stereo
Shot on HDCAM
Available on Beta SP & DVD


Photos from the film:

Festival du Film Social - Vivre Debout - (Perwez 2012)
Festival de Cine Latino Americano de Trieste - non competitive (Trieste - Italia 2011)

International Film Festival Regiofun - Official Competition (Katowice 2010)
Festival ICARO - Official Competition (Guatemala City 2010)
Songes d'une nuit dv - non competitive (Paris 2010)