Serge Goldwicht

Serge Goldwicht


Born in 1954 in Nivelles (Belgium) he lives and works in Brussels. His career oscillates between art and philosophy, which he studied at the Université Libre de Bruxelles. His main exhibitions, Comment la vision devient une fable ?, Kunst macht frei, B Terra incognita, Reportages autopictographiques, which he produced for Pascal Polar (Brussels) or Pascal Retelet (St Paul de Vence), are shown in Belgium and in France since 1976.

As a design expert, he was the creative director for the crystal glassworks in the Val Saint-Lambert. There, he assists to the fusion of glass and its declinations, which will inspire him for his creations on movement. In 2003, he dedicates himself to drawing and spontaneous painting, an art he is currently teaching. The courses he gives allow him to deepen his comprehension of the spectator’s point of view about blotch as pictorial object. This will convince him about its suggestive power.

Painting leading him to video, he begins to film alluvial blotches and so was born the Blotch Project.

The moving blotch, its suggestive power and the diversity of possibilities lead him to interrogate the concept of the spectator’s projection in a universe he does not master. This question naturally pushes him to explore the narrative and fictional possibilities.


Hitch & Blotch (2016) Short Fiction 11’ – Released