Those Waiting for the Birds

Those Waiting for the Birds (2009)
≤ 52' Documentaire - 52' - En distribution

Written and directed by Eve Duchemin

Those Waiting for the Birds is the portrait of a game: "pigeon racing".
Through passionate pigeon racers, such as Robert Calonne, an old mason and famous champion, Serge Taillieu, a young unemployed but diligent player, or Herbots Philip, who made breading pigeons a lucrative business, the film director is contemplating this sport today.
As a kind of "horse racing of the poor", it has became a professional sport with a lot of money involved: thus dealing with doping, increased costs, international trades and speculations.



Directed by Eve Duchemin
Director of Photography Eve Duchemin
Sound Engineer Brice Cannavo
Editing Joachim Thôme
Sound Design Sarah Gouret
Sound Mix Jean-Jacques Quinet
Produced by Aurelien Bodinaux
Producer Jean-Christophe Zelis
Sound Engineer Amina Harrar
Sound Engineer Thomas Grimm-Landsberg
Sound Engineer Fabrice Osinski
Music mix Manuel Roland
Credits Bruno Tracq
Production supervisor Severin Andrieu-Delille
Producer Aurelien Bodinaux
Producer Jean-Christophe Zelis
Production Assistant (Belgium) Bastien Andrieu-Delille
Production Assistant (Belgium) Caroline Pirotte
Associate Producer Ludovic Bastin
Associate Producer Christine Pireaux
Associate Producer Kathleen de Béthune
Produced by Neon Rouge

In collaboration with
Ministère de la Fédération Wallonie-Bruxelles

Technical Details: 

Genre Documentary – colors
Language French
Subtitles English, Dutch
Format 4/3
Sound stéréo
Shot on HDV
Available on BetaDigit & DVD

Photos from the film:

FIPA -  in competition (Biarritz 2009)
Anûû-rû âboro ("l'ombre de l'homme") - non competitive (Nouvelle-Calédonie 2009)