Katy Ndiaye

Katy Ndiaye


Katy Lena Ndiaye is a child of the sixties. She was born in Senegal and grew up in Paris, before moving to Brussels.

In 2005, after having studied, Katy directed her first documentary Traces, Women’s Imprints. The film received international acclaim.

In 2007, she directed her second documentary Awaiting for Men, which was screened at more than 30 festivals around the world and received numerous international awards.

She works for the television channel TV5 Monde. She used to host and now directs a TV show about African culture, called Reflet sud.

She also works as a journalist for RTLinfo and for programs, such as Franc Parler on TV5 Afrique.

She is currently creating two new projects with Neon Rouge Production; a short fiction called EntrElle, as well as a documentary called Women Viva Word Cup (in co-direction with Catherine Locandro).