Traces, Women's Imprints

Traces, Women's Imprints (2003)
≤ 52' Documentaire - 52' - En distribution

Written and directed by Katy Lena Ndiaye

Traces, Women's Imprints is the first episode of three documentaries that portray African Women Painters.
Traces, Women's Imprints is a film that ventures to the discovery of three grandmothers kassenas (Burkina Faso), their granddaughter, and the exclusively feminine art of this region's mural paintings.
Between these women’s portraits and a traditional art form, Traces is a painting on paintings that reflects upon transmission, education and memory in the context of a world in mutation.

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Directed by Katy Lena Ndiaye

Produced by Aurelien Bodinaux
Production Neon Rouge
Assistant Director Youssouf Mission
Director of Photography Herman Bertiau
Translator Anetina Libabatou
Sound Engineer Lassina Siribié
Editing Simon Backès
Location Manager Atiou Kouhizoura
Original Soundtrack Erwin Vann
Sound Design Patrice Hardy
Sound Mix Manu de Boissieu
Color Correction Ronald Grauer
Editing Nicolas Dedecker
Credits Julien Ducenne
Subtitles Marc Bissot
Translator (Belgium) Christine Nakro
Production Assistant (Belgium) Severin Andrieu-Delille
Production Assistant (Burkina Faso) Benjamin Naseri
Artistic direction Kaye

In collaboration with
Canal + Poland
La Télévision du Burkina
Ministère de la Fédération Wallonie-Bruxelles
Organisation Internationale de la Francophonie
TV Brasil
TV5 Monde

Distributed by
Libérations Films
Médiathèque des Trois Mondes
Neon Rouge Production


Technical Details: 

Genre Documentary – colors
Released January 2003
Language French
Subtitles French, English, Dutch, Spanish, Portuguese
Format 16/9
Sound stereo
Shot on DV Cam
Available on Beta SP & DVD

Photos from the film:

Africa Continent - non competitive (Portugal 2009)
Freiburger Film Forum - non competitive (Germany 2009)

Association Cultures et Traditions - non competitive (France 2009)
Médiathèque départementale de Besançon - non competitive (France 2009)
Forum d'Antropologie de Genève - non competitive (Suisse 2009)
Nouveaux Cinémas d'Afrique - non competitive (Berlin 2008)
Women Filmmakers of Zimbabwe (WFOZ) - (Zimbabwe 2008)
Afrique Taille XL - (Brussels 2007)
Festival International du Film sur l'Art - Jury Grand Prize (Montreal 2006)
FIFF - (Brussels 2005)
Vues d'Afique - Mention spéciale (Montreal 2005)
Festival du Film Africain - (Milan 2005)
Festival International du Film d'Abidjan - Mention spéciale (Ivory Coast 2005)
Festival international du film de Saint Denis - Jury Award (La Réunion 2005)
Journées Cinématographiques de Carthage - Mention spéciale (Tunisia 2005)
INPUT - (Barcelona 2005)